About us

Giftsiri.com was founded by 3 of my friends and me in a birthday party when at the start of the January in 2019. We found that we were all in trouble in choosing gifts before this birthday party. We dicussed for long and finally a business idea came out at the end of that party. we wanted somewhere people can come to and find perfect gift ideas. That is why we wanted to create this website and start up our new business at the very begining of 2019.

For some occasions in our life, we hope to pick a pefect or very specail gift for the one you love or you care. Hopefully our website could help you find out a perfect gift in a short time.We have done a lot of investigations on gift giving. We have been searching products on E-comerece platform such as amazon.com, Walmart.com, and we also purchase many products from manufacturer and sell on our website to make sure that you could make the best choice for gifts. We all enjoy a laugh as much as the next guy but here at Giftsiri.com.

We are still a small team, however, we believe that gift giving is 100% serious business. We are here to ensure that your every need is catered for - no matter what the occasion!Got a burning question? Keen to get some more info? Love our website and just need to tell someone? Then we'd love to hear from you! Why not email us at customerservice@giftsiri.com and our friendly customer service team will either answer your query or pass it on to the right person.

We're a pretty well-oiled machine these days and with products being added to our site every week, we truly believe we have something for everyone.